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Instrumental Music

I started as a violinist at age four in the Capital University Suzuki program (under the direction of Ginny Christopherson), so music has been a part of my life for a very long time. As a composer, my music combines classical melodies and harmonies with African and African American polyrhythms.

There is a very close relationship between mathematics, music, and philosophy, and many of my philosophical ideas were first explored as musical ideas, including ideas of dissonance and resolution, independence as combined with group unity and limitations as underlying personal identity.

Here is a selection of some of my favorite of my own instrumentals, presented in the order they were written. Most are currently only available on MIDI, but I hope to have live versions of all of them posted eventually.

All of these pieces are © Christopher Sunami. They are provided for the Kitoba.Com website by permission and may not be reproduced in any way except by written permission.

Please respect my ownership of these songs and do not distribute them. If you link to them, please link either to this page or to Contact me if you have any questions.

  • Offbeat Trio ©1990 Christopher Sunami

    This was my first complex piece of music, and remains my most popular instrumental work. Written for two violins and a viola (or for trio of violins), it combines African polyphony with a European harmonic progression. Its most distinctive feature is the way the similar instruments operate in the same register, creating a musical line that blurs the distinction between solo and chorus.

  • Arabesque ©1990 Christopher Sunami

    This is a personal favorite, despite the fact that it has never been performed live. It was composed for the three violins and one viola. It was originally titled “Strings with Snaps” (because it was intended to be accompanied by fingersnaps on every third & a half beat) and then retitled after the pseudo-Arabic scale used near the end.

  • Piano Etude ©1995 Christopher Sunami

    A very basic piano piece, suitable for a beginner. I've always meant to set a melody on top of this, but I haven't found the right one yet. However, I enjoy it just as it is --simple and relaxing.

  • Coy Dog Waltz (MIDI) (Live) ©1997 Christopher Sunami

    This is most complex of my pieces of music, and my own favorite. It was composed for two violins and one piano. The title is a reference to the half-coyote half-dog hybrids of Southern Ohio.

  • The Simple Life ©1999 Christopher Sunami

    A brief and uncomplicated exploration of a Consonance-Tension-Consonance cycle, in a standard A A B A’ B A’ form.

  • “Fire” Canon ©2000 Christopher Sunami

    I wrote this when I was teaching violin in order to help my students practice complex combinations of rhythms. However this is a rare case where I prefer the MIDI version --because it really needs a contrasting set of instruments to highlight the changing texture.

  • Parisian Waltz ©2000 Christopher Sunami

    A piece for solo piano (presented here on accordian, to make one think of the Left Bank cafés).

  • The Christopherson Waltz (MIDI) (Live) ©2004 Christopher Sunami
    This piece was composed for my violin teacher and her husband on the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary. The unusal combination of instruments (violin, bassoon and piano) matches the instrumentalists in the family.

  • Drunken Drive (NEW!) ©2005 Christopher Sunami

    Don't try this at home.

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